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Back to School

It’s term time again and my little man, Ben, of 7 years, trooped off bravely to join the rest of his classmates hovering nervously in the playground on their first day back at school. New classrooms, new teachers (rumoured to be particularly scary ones this year) and a new time-table.

Wanting to cheer him up, I packed him off with a handful of kisses with instructions to keep them safe and to secretly take one out at a time, only when needed. He packed them carefully into his pockets and gave me a very strong and long hug, the type given only by very brave little souls.

When he returned that day, we was proud that he hadn’t needed all his kisses and that he had saved some for his Mummy. After all, he told me, I had probably missed him alot while he was at school. After he carefully got them out of his pocket and placed each one delicately on my cheek, I was my turn to give a strong and long hug. The type of hug given by the not so brave Mother who had a tear in her eye!

Every day we have an opportunity to help our children feel good about themselves.

I know that working with EFT, most of the issues we have in adult life, are as a result of negative childhood experiences.

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