I feel like a real juggler at the moment. Two businesses to run, a child to parent and a house to renovate!

I know my weaknesses! I can be very good at keeping myself busy in order to delay making a start on a project that I don’t want to start!

One of the items on my list of ‘things to do before Christmas’ is to remove an old en-suite, which is really a bog in a cupboard, to make room for something new and lovely. For this to happen I need to remove a partition wall. I have been putting it off and putting it off since the beginning of summer. This change is part of an update to my top floor, which needs to be completed by Christmas, so that when my family come and stay, everyone gets a room to sleep in.

So yesterday, I called my plumber to disconnect some old radiators and today I approached my task with an enthusiastic lump hammer!

The point to my sharing this with you is this… the reason for my not starting was that I hadn’t got hold of my plumber. Did I say reason? I meant excuse!

The question I asked myself yesterday was this… “If I don’t make that call to my plumber – is that taking me closer to, or further away from my goal?” Job done. Simples! A small step to get the ball rolling and away we go.

What did you put off doing today? By not doing it, you made a choice. Did that choice take you closer to or further away from your goal?

Right now my goal is to get all the dust and debris out of my hair!


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